DEMO 2012

by Neighborhood

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recorded and mixed by Douglas wentzel, 2012.


released August 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Neighborhood Stockholm, Sweden


Est. 2012

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Track Name: No class no state
Where i grew up, so etched into me
my heritage, ny neighborhood, my family
alienated from the day i was born
you say you're commited
you say you want change
driven by guilt - don't want any blame
at the end of the day, you're all the same

This struggle is not a trend
This is just a phase for you about to end
don't fucking tell me you know my deal
trying to understand
i know you never will

At the bottom of the pyramid
carrying the weight of the whole damn world
i keep this hatred as my guide
in this cruel fucking world
these bloodsuckers has seen their last days
this war spares no one
no class no state
we're the trash fighting back, fighting back!
Track Name: Something worth living
All my life I've had this feeling
Always searching for something more
some deeper meaning behind it all
something worth living

Something worth living
A reason to exist

Now i know where I belong
i finally found my home
this is more than music
this comes straight from the heart

Something worth living
A reason to exist